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Premier Motorcycle Insurance for Michigan Riders
Ride with confidence in Michigan’s scenic routes, knowing Doug Ware Insurance Agency in Madison Heights has your back. For comprehensive motorcycle insurance tailored to local riders, connect with us directly at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444.
Experience the freedom of Michigan’s winding roads and scenic roadways with confidence, knowing that Doug Ware Insurance Agency has your back. Catering to every rider, from the roar of touring bikes to the charm of cruisers and the agility of mopeds, we offer competitive rates and unparalleled claim services. Embrace the journey, relishing every twist and turn, as we ensure your ride is comprehensively covered.
With Michigan’s picturesque routes and vibrant streets, ensuring your motorcycle is protected is paramount. At Doug Ware Insurance Agency, we’re not just about policies; we’re about peace of mind on every journey. Whether you’re cruising down local highways or exploring hidden trails, our dedicated team is here to assist. Eager to discover your tailored coverage options? Request an online quote today or simply give us a call at 248-583-6255 for personalized service. Let’s make your rides memorable and secure!

Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

Safeguard your cherished motorcycle against unexpected accidents. Whether you’re cruising through Madison Heights or venturing into the broader Michigan landscape, our collision coverage ensures repair or replacement costs are covered. Ready for comprehensive peace of mind? Inquire with Doug Ware Insurance today..
Bodily Injury Liability And Property Damage Liability
Accidents happen, and sometimes they lead to damages or injuries. Protect yourself against potential liabilities, from property damage to bodily injuries. Plus, in the event of legal complications, we offer robust legal defense support. Learn more about our liability options.
Medical Payments
Your safety and that of your passengers is paramount. Our medical payments coverage ensures medical, chiropractic, and even funeral expenses are taken care of after an unforeseen accident. Your well-being is our priority. Explore our tailored options.
Michigan’s diverse weather can be unpredictable. From unexpected vandalism to weather-induced damages, our comprehensive coverage ensures your motorcycle’s protection against a myriad of non-collision factors. Get your motorcycle comprehensively covered.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Not everyone on the road has adequate insurance. Stay protected against potential damages or injuries caused by inadequately insured or uninsured drivers. With Doug Ware Insurance, you’re always in safe hands. See how we shield you.
Road Trouble Service
Michigan roads can sometimes throw unexpected challenges. Whether it’s a flat tire, a mechanical glitch, or a drained battery, our road trouble service ensures you’re never left stranded. Assistance is just a call away. Reach out for immediate help.
Safety Riding Apparel
Your safety is our concern, and that extends to your riding gear. From protective helmets to specialized boots, we ensure your safety apparel is covered against damages. Ride with confidence and style. Know more about our apparel protection.
Additional Expense
When accidents disrupt your plans, we step in. Our coverage ensures you’re not left in a lurch, covering rental motorcycles and other incidental expenses when your primary ride is unavailable. Navigate disruptions smoothly. Discover our range of benefits.
Navigating the open roads of Madison Heights and surrounding Michigan areas requires top-notch motorcycle insurance. At Doug Ware Insurance Agency, we’re not just about policies; we’re about peace of mind. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you’re cruising through Ferndale, taking scenic routes in Rochester, or exploring the twists and turns of Bloomfield Hills, we’ve got you covered. Don’t leave your ride’s protection to chance. Speak directly with our seasoned motorcycle insurance experts by dialing 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444. Ready for a tailored quote? Request your personalized quote online and ride with confidence, knowing Doug Ware Insurance has your back.

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We are an independent insurance agency located in Madison Heights, Michigan. We are 100% independent, meaning we can shop your insurance with a wide range of insurance carriers, saving you time, aggravation, and money. Give us a call today at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444. You'll be glad you did.

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