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Commercial Insurance

Protecting Your Michigan Business with Tailored Coverage Solutions
Empower your Metro Detroit business with top-tier commercial insurance from Doug Ware Insurance Agency in Madison Heights. Whether you’re in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb, we’re here to safeguard your enterprise. Ready to elevate your business protection? Connect with us directly at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444, or schedule a virtual consultation to explore tailored solutions.
At Doug Ware Insurance Agency, we’re more than just an insurance provider; we’re your local business partner in cities like Detroit, Madison Heights, and Sterling Heights. We’re dedicated to:
  • Grasping Your Distinct Business Needs: Every Michigan business is unique, and so are its insurance requirements.
  • Delivering Top-Notch Coverage at Competitive Prices: We ensure you get the best value without compromising on protection.
  • Guiding Through Loss Control: Safeguarding your business assets is our priority.
  • Staying Updated with Industry Shifts: We keep an eye on evolving trends, both in the industry and government regulations.
  • Forecasting Future Requirements: As your business grows, we’re here to adapt and cater to your changing needs. Ready to secure your business? 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444.”
For over 30 years, businesses in Detroit, Madison Heights, and Sterling Heights have trusted the Doug Ware Insurance Agency for their commercial insurance needs. Our commitment to top-tier service, innovative solutions, and a wide array of products sets us apart. Ready to discover the best coverage for your business? Request an online quote now and let us craft the perfect insurance plan for you.

We Insure Many Types Of Businesses, Such As:

  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Service Businesses
  • Personnel Staffing
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores

How Commercial Insurance Can Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business Property in Michigan
In cities like Detroit or Sterling Heights, your business space holds value. Our Commercial Property Insurance defends against damages from fires, thefts, and more. Keep your assets safe and get covered with us.
Commercial Automobile Coverage – Protecting Your Business on the Move
Every Michigan business with vehicles knows the importance of reliable coverage. Whether it’s delivery vans in Detroit, company cars in Troy, or trucks in Sterling Heights, ensure they’re protected. Our Commercial Auto Insurance covers accidents, damages, and potential liabilities. Keep your business rolling smoothly; request a customized quote today.
Commercial General Liability Safeguarding Your Business Reputation
From Detroit shops to Madison Heights cafes, every business faces risks. Our Commercial General Liability insurance protects against accidents and claims tied to your operations. A slip in your store or a product mishap? We’ve got you covered. Secure your business with a tailored quote today.
Maximized Protection with Commercial Un=mbrella Insurance
In the bustling business hubs of Detroit, Troy, and Sterling Heights, unexpected large-scale liabilities can arise. Commercial Umbrella Insurance acts as an extra shield, stepping in when your standard business insurance reaches its limit. It’s like an extra safety net, ensuring that one major claim doesn’t jeopardize your business’s future. For businesses in Michigan, this added layer can be a game-changer. Don’t leave your business exposed; secure your coverage with us today.
Guard Against Internal Threats: Employee Dishonesty Coverage
Businesses are built on trust. However, internal risks can sometimes emerge. Our Employee Dishonesty Coverage is here to protect your Michigan business from potential losses due to employee theft or deceit. This includes safeguards in line with ERISA requirements. Ensure your business’s integrity; secure your coverage with Doug Ware Insurance.
In Michigan, from Detroit to Sterling Heights, Doug Ware Insurance Agency is your go-to for comprehensive commercial insurance. Whether you run a retail store, construction site, or a tech startup, we’ve got you covered. Our business insurance solutions are tailored to Michigan’s unique needs. Ready to protect your venture? Request a quote and let’s secure your business together.

Trusted, Local & Independent

We are an independent insurance agency located in Madison Heights, Michigan. We are 100% independent, meaning we can shop your insurance with a wide range of insurance carriers, saving you time, aggravation, and money. Give us a call today at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444. You'll be glad you did.

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