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Guarding Your Loved Ones’ Future in Michigan’s Heartland
Discover peace of mind with life insurance solutions from Doug Ware Insurance Agency, proudly serving Madison Heights and surrounding areas. From the busy streets of Warren to the serene neighborhoods of Rochester Hills, we’re your trusted partner in securing the future. Connect with us at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444 and let’s chart a path to safeguarding your loved ones across Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.
Secure tomorrow for your loved ones with a life insurance policy from premier providers like Auto-Owners Insurance Company. Life insurance is more than just a policy; it’s a promise to protect those who rely on you financially. Choose a future of financial stability for your family. Connect with our expert life insurance agents at Doug Ware Insurance in cities like Livonia, Farmington Hills, and Southfield. Ready to discuss the best options for your needs? Schedule a consultation today!

Life Insurance Coverages

Term Life Insurance
At Doug Ware Insurance, we’re not just about policies; we’re about securing futures for families and businesses from Royal Oak to Clinton Township. Our Term Life Insurance offerings are meticulously designed to provide steadfast protection, ensuring that even in your absence, your family’s aspirations and your business’s legacy remain intact. Trust in our expertise and connect with us to fortify your future.
  • Family Living Expenses: Ensuring your loved ones maintain their lifestyle.
  • Children’s Education Needs: Safeguarding your child’s academic journey, from grade school to college.
  • Mortgages: Alleviating the burden of home loans, ensuring your family’s place of comfort remains undisturbed.
  • Business Loans: Ensuring business operations remain unaffected, preserving your legacy.
Flexible Universal Life Insurance: Adaptable Coverage for Michigan Residents
Universal life insurance is a versatile option tailored for Michigan residents, blending the protective advantages of life insurance with the potential to accumulate cash value. This unique combination ensures not only a safety net for your loved ones but also a financial asset that grows over time. Ready to secure both your future and your finances? Speak with a Doug Ware Insurance expert today and discover the benefits of a combined security and investment policy.

Cash Value

Universal life insurance, offered by Doug Ware Insurance, provides a dual benefit. It not only offers life protection but also the potential to accumulate cash value over time. This built-up value can be accessed in various ways, such as policy loans or a policy surrender.

It’s a blend of security and financial growth, ideal for those seeking comprehensive coverage. Reach out to our team to delve deeper into the advantages of universal life insurance.


Universal life insurance, a standout offering from Doug Ware Insurance, is celebrated for its adaptability. Life’s unpredictability demands flexibility. With this policy, you can effortlessly modify coverage amounts, premium rates, and payment timelines to align with your evolving circumstances.

It’s a tailored solution for Michigan’s dynamic residents. Discover how this policy can be shaped to fit your unique journey.

Increase/Decrease Coverage

Universal life insurance from Doug Ware Insurance offers unparalleled adaptability for Michigan residents. As life’s milestones unfold, from welcoming a child in Royal Oak to buying a new home in Clinton Township, this policy stands by you.

You have the freedom to amplify your death benefit (subject to underwriting) or scale it down whenever needed. It’s a dynamic solution for life’s ever-changing landscape. Adjust your coverage to match your life’s pivotal moments.

Secondary Insured(s)

Universal life insurance from Doug Ware Insurance streamlines protection for Michigan families. Instead of juggling multiple policies for each family member, from your spouse in Livonia to your child in Farmington Hills, consolidate them under one umbrella policy.

Plus, with our conversion privileges, any secondary insured can transition to their own individual policy anytime, bypassing the underwriting process. It’s a simplified, all-inclusive approach to safeguarding your loved ones.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance from Doug Ware Insurance is more than just a policy; it’s a lifelong promise. Designed to offer steadfast coverage up to age 110, it ensures that residents from Warren to Rochester Hills have a safety net for life’s unpredictabilities. Key benefits include:
  • Guaranteed Growth: Your policy’s cash value increases annually*
  • Lifelong Security: Protection against both planned and unexpected life events.
  • One-Time Choice: A single, comprehensive policy for your entire life.
  • Steadfast Coverage: Reliable protection you can always trust.
  • Immediate Support: Provides financial aid for families during unforeseen losses.
  • Financial Buffer: Helps settle debts, manage final expenses, and maintain family living standards.

Considering a steadfast insurance solution? Reach out to Doug Ware Insurance today and fortify your future.

*Note: Cash value may be accessed through policy loan or surrender. May be subject to surrender charges, loan interest rates, and policy conditions.
Call the Doug Ware Insurance Agency to ensure you’re getting the right protection from a skilled life insurance professional. Call us at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444.

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We are an independent insurance agency located in Madison Heights, Michigan. We are 100% independent, meaning we can shop your insurance with a wide range of insurance carriers, saving you time, aggravation, and money. Give us a call today at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444. You'll be glad you did.

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