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Long-Haul Trucking Insurance Rates
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Long-Haul Trucking Insurance

Securing Your Journey: Comprehensive Long Haul Trucking Insurance Solutions
Discover comprehensive long haul trucking insurance solutions with Doug Ware Insurance Agency, based in Madison Heights, Michigan. Easily schedule a virtual consultation and connect with our expert agents from any device, wherever you are. For immediate assistance or inquiries, reach out to us at 248-583-6255 or 248-265-3444.
Tractor-trailer trucks are among the largest vehicle’s driver on the United States’ public roads, and accident they’ve involved in are sometimes extremely serious and costly. When an 18-wheeler is involved in a collision, the property damage and injuries that result from the accident can be severe.
Long haul truck insurance protects trucking companies from many of the potential costs an accident can cause.
At Doug Ware Insurance, we specialize in Long Haul truck insurance, tailored for businesses and drivers embarking on extensive trucking routes. Don’t leave your long-distance ventures to chance; schedule a consultation with us. Recognizing the vast miles long-haul truckers cover annually, our policies offer robust coverage limits, ensuring you’re always protected on the road. Reach out to us directly at 248-583-6255 for more details.
What Coverages Does Long Haul Trucking Insurance Provide?
Most long-haul trucking policies offer a combination of common protections that are included in many commercial coverages and more specific coverages that are directly related to driving 18-wheelers.

Protections Found In Long-Haul Insurance Policies

Commercial Trucking Policies Include:
  • Auto Liability Coverage: This foundational coverage addresses the costs associated with property damage or bodily injuries caused by your truck in an accident where you’re deemed at fault.
  • General Liability Coverage:Beyond just on-road incidents, this protection covers a range of liabilities, from accidents on your premises to product-related mishaps.
  • Medical Payments (also Medical Expense) Coverage: Should an accident occur, this coverage ensures that medical bills for you and your passengers are taken care of, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Physical Damage Coverage:Protecting your investment, this covers repairs or replacement of your truck if it’s damaged in events like collisions, theft, or natural disasters.
  • Non-Trucking Coverage:Even when not on a job, your truck might be at risk. This coverage ensures you’re protected during personal use or off-duty times.
  • Commercial Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage:In situations where the other party in an accident lacks adequate insurance or any at all, this coverage steps in to handle potential costs. For a tailored approach to your long-haul trucking needs, schedule a consultation with Doug Ware Insurance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the right protections in place.
  • Occupational Accident (OCAC) Coverage: Provides benefits in the event of accidental death, dismemberment, or injury while on the job, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs.
Some Protections Specific To Driving Tractor Trailers:
  • Non-Owned Trailer Coverage This coverage is designed for situations where a trucker is pulling a trailer owned by someone else, typically under a lease agreement. It provides protection against damages to the trailer not owned by the trucker but under their responsibility.
  • Bobtail Liability Coverage Also known as “Deadhead” coverage, this is essential for independent truckers. It provides liability coverage when you’re driving your truck without a trailer, regardless of whether you’re under dispatch. For instance, this would apply when you’re returning after dropping off a load or heading to pick up a new load.
  • Equipment Coverage This caters to the protection of equipment and accessories in and on the truck. It can cover items like tarps, chains, electronic equipment, and other tools of the trade. It ensures that in the event of theft, loss, or damage, the costs of replacing or repairing essential equipment are covered.

How Much Does Long-Haul Trucking Insurance Cost?

Insurance Rates Depends On These Factors:
  • Age of the Company’s Trucks: Newer trucks often come equipped with advanced safety features, potentially reducing the risk of accidents. Conversely, older trucks might lack these features, potentially leading to higher premiums.
  • Number of Trucks Owned by the Company: The more trucks a company operates, the higher the potential risk and exposure. Insurance rates may vary based on fleet size.
  • Annual Mileage Covered by Drivers: The more miles covered annually, the higher the exposure to potential risks. Companies with higher annual mileage might see increased rates.
  • Driver Records: Companies with drivers who have clean driving records, free from violations or accidents, are likely to receive more favorable rates. A history of accidents or traffic violations can increase premiums.
  • Type of Cargo Transported: Transporting hazardous materials or high-value goods can increase the risk and, consequently, the insurance rates. On the other hand, transporting general goods might result in standard rates.
  • Ownership of Trailers: Companies that own their trailers might have different insurance needs compared to those that lease. Owning trailers can sometimes lead to more comprehensive coverage requirements.
  • Selected Coverages and Limits: The broader the coverage and the higher the limits, the more the policy will typically cost. It’s essential to balance adequate protection with budget considerations.
For a detailed understanding of how these specific coverages can benefit your tractor-trailer operations, reach out to Doug Ware Insurance. Book a consultation with our experts to ensure your rig and operations are comprehensively protected.

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